Meet our amazing Team

Meet Our Amazing Team

At The Farmers Boy Inn we believe that exceptional service begins with an exceptional team. Our staff, from the kitchen to the front of the house, are not only skilled professionals but also passionate individuals dedicated to making your visit unforgettable. Allow us to introduce you to the heart and soul of our establishment:

General Manager – Sara Jeffery
With over 5 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Sara ensures that every aspect of our pub and restaurant runs smoothly. Her dedication to customer satisfaction and her knack for creating a welcoming atmosphere are unparalleled. Sarah’s leadership and vision are the driving force behind our consistent quality and service.

Head Chef – Richard Bodger
A culinary maestro with a flair for both traditional and contemporary cuisine, Richard leads our kitchen with creativity and precision. His menu is a celebration of locally sourced ingredients, expertly crafted into dishes that delight the palate. Richards's commitment to culinary excellence ensures that each meal is a memorable experience.

Sous Chef
Nick is Richard's right hand in the kitchen, bringing a blend of innovation and meticulous attention to detail to his role. With a background in fine dining, he adds a touch of sophistication to our offerings, ensuring every dish is plated to perfection.

Front of House Team
Our front-of-house team is the face of our establishment, welcoming guests with warm smiles and attentive service. Each member provides an exceptional experience, from the moment you walk through our doors to the moment you leave. Our team includes:

-Sam Price - Sam's efficiency and friendly nature ensure that every guest is well taken care of.
- Kate McDonald – Kate’s expertise in mixology and his passion for crafting the perfect drink make our bar a popular spot.
- Katie Jeffery- With a knack for hospitality and organisation, Katie ensures that our guests feel right at home from the moment they arrive.

Housekeeping Team
Our housekeeping team is committed to maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and comfort in our ensuite rooms. Their meticulous attention to detail guarantees a relaxing and pleasant stay for all our guests.

-Bell Hyett– Head Housekeeper**: Bell leads our housekeeping team with a focus on excellence and efficiency, ensuring that every room is spotless and welcoming.

We are incredibly proud of our team and their unwavering dedication to making The Farmers Boy Inn a place where guests feel valued and cared for. Their hard work and passion are what set us apart and make every visit a memorable experience. Come and meet our amazing team; we look forward to welcoming you!

Meet the team