I find it amazing and slightly scary how the internet and social media affects us all today!

Prime example would be the amount of Pictures & Videos that can go viral like the song gangham style which got 1 million+ Views in its first week of being on youtube and then God ETthis picture here which got 3.1 million likes on








It just shows the ease that we can like, share or comment on these posts and the different ways in which we now interact! Also the difference on our lives that Social Media has had!

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International Day of Peace

Just to inform you all that today Sunday 21/09/14 is International Day of Peace!

So Relax, Unwind & Chill for the Whole Day!

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Would You Believe It!

Would you believe we are not even out of September Yet and we are already fully booked on Christmas Day & Christmas Eve in The B&B!

Not only that but we only have 3 tables left in the restaurant on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day!

Last Year we were fully booked for both by the end of October so i’m thinking this year we might beat that record and be fully booked by the start of the month!

Busy times ahead although we still have plenty of room left for our Christmas Fayre menu if you were wondering!

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