Election Day is Looming

Some of you may be slightly fed up with all this talk of Politics, but i think it is vital that everyone that can, does vote.

These people have our future and that of our families and friends in their hands.

I understand that some of you may think politics is boring but you can v

be part of the change that needs to happen.

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92% Excellent Review Rate

Tripadvisor as i’ve said before is a great thing for the hospitality trade but can also be very damaging.

All it takes is a couple of bad reviews and people are thinking twice about visiting you, although you will never please everybody it is hard not to take criticism personally.

I’m very pleased and proud to say that we have a 92% excellent review rate, which for such an open review site like is Tripadvisor is amazing!

So if you have visited The Farmer’s Boy we would love to hear from you and if you haven’t please read our Tripadvisor Reviews to see what you are missing!

The Farmer’s Boy Inn Tripadvisor PageĀ 

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Pie of the Week

We always do a dish of the week from the main menu but very rarely flaunt a Pie of the Week!

So here it is-

One of our Famous 2 in 1 Pies- Half Chicken, Leek & Mushroom & Half Cauliflower Cheese

Chic 2in1 2

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