Ross-On-Wye is Famous

Not that Ross hasn’t always been famous but theres now an advert on TV that features Ross-On-Wye!

It’s not an advery actually about Ross but just features a shop in Ross……………. Drumroll please……………………………..

It’s the new Boots advert! 


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Media Update!

I received a surprise telephone call from The Gloucestershire Citizen today enquiring about The Big Ugly Breakfast & its origins!

After a 15 minute phone call here is our Article!

The Big Ugly Breakfast!


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Village Gossip

No i’m not talking about whats happening in Longhope at this current time but the most tastiest cheese Village Gossip from local suppliers Godsell’s!

That’s right they have cheese called Village Gossip (Cheddar & Chive) Cockadilly Chilli (Chilli Cheese) & Three Virgins (Single Gloucester) and these cheese are on offer at our Gourmet Cheese & Wine Night on Friday 17th October!

Not only do you get to try some of these amazing cheese but there are various Wines & Ports for you to try too! This sounds like my sort of night!

Book Now 014520 831300!

Cheese Night 2

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