Dish of the Week

The new menu is going down an absolute storm and people are really enjoy the new look to the menu and the new dishes on it. I get excited just talking about it!

Here is 1 of the new dishes from the menu-

Seafood Fettucini
King prawns, freshwater mussels, calamari and sun kissed
tomatoes served in a white wine, garlic and safron sauce


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Snow is Falling

Well it’s 7pm on Tuesday 13th January and we are jut having our first flutter of snow. I don’t think it’s going to stick as it is still quite wet outside from the earlier rain but hey who knows!

Although i think the snow is beautiful i am not a real fan of it, purely in business terms. As it always seems that when it snows everything comes to a stop, people can’t get out of their drives and it causes havoc on the road usually resulting in us having a rather quiet day.

Anyway that is enough of my complaining, enjoy the snow if you have it!

Snowy Pub

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Love is in the Air

So we have some Amazing Events planned for 2015 and we have only gone half way through so far!

There is no forgetting Valentine’s Day though- Saturday 14th February!

“All you need is love, but a little chocolate doesn’t hurt!” You can have both on Valentine’s day at The Farmer’s Boy Inn. Prove your Romantic at Heart & Book your table. £25.95 including a Rose & Chocolate for the Ladies!

st. valetines day 2015

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