The Big Ugly Burger Challenge

12 Inches of Homemade British Beef Burger, 12 inch Bap, Chips, Salad, Coleslaw, Onion Rings & Homemade Relish, 30 minutes……….. that is The Big Ugly Burger Challenge!

We have been running The Big Ugly Burger Challenge since October 2013 and in that time over 250 people have attempted the challenge with only 40 completing the challenge!

So here’s your last chance Friday 29th August! If you think you are brave enough to take it on!

Starting in September we will be doing a different food challenge every month starting with The Big Ugly Faggot, so WATCH THIS SPACE! ugly

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Crazy Bank Holiday Weekend!

When any normal person thinks of a Bank Holiday Weekend they are usually jumping for joy for that extra day of their weekend! Here in the Hospitality trade Bank Holidays are a bit of a guessing game for us!

2 years ago we would always say we would be guaranteed to be busy all over Bank Holiday Weekend but a lot of it was drinkers, now though we never know what to expect! Take Sunday Lunch 24th August for example up until 2.30pm we had only done 17 meals which for a Sunday is completely awful then from 3-9pm we did just over 100 meals……. Crazy!

It just proves that the hospitality trade is no longer predictable and you just have to go with the flow!


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Is Autumn upon us Already?

All this talk about Winter & Christmas must be driving you crazy but i just have one little subject to touch upon!

How cold is it for August? I know we should expect nothing different from British Weather especially as we had such a HOT July but really people are putting their heating on in August this is not normal!

Maybe we are all being hypochondriacs, it’s not really that cold it just came as a bit of a shock to most, then on the other hand maybe it is bloody cold.

Anyway i will let you make that decision, i will just let you know that i refust to out the heating on until late September at the earliest!

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