Solar Eclipse

Although i didn’t see much of the solar eclipse myself, our Facebook likers sent in some fantastic photos of what they saw.

Absolutely Amazing!

Solar eclipse 2Solar eclipse

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Dish of the Week

This week’s Dish of the Week is……..

Goats Cheese & Mozzarella Tart Served with homemade red onion jam, sun kissed tomatoes, mixed leaves, sweet potato crisps and balsamic glaze.

Goats Tart

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We are getting a New Website!

I’m forever telling you what new things we are getting and today is no exception.

We are currently building a New Website.

I think our website is a little too cluttered and in places slightly badly designed, this is partly my fault as sometimes i get a little carried away ¬†when i am working on a project. So now we have our Web Designers from Net9 Design working on a brand new simplified website……. Watch this Space

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