Weather Warning!

Today’s blog is a bit more of a notice! After this weeks weather warning, i just want to make sure you all stay safe!

Level 2 weather warnings, known as ‘alert and readiness’, are triggered when “the risk is 60% or above for threshold temperatures being reached in one or more regions on at least two consecutive days.”
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So People are being urged to take care in the heat, drink lots of cool drinks and keep an eye on friends and neighbours who may need help.

Sat Safe People!


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Every Night is Pie Night!

That’s right only at The Farmer’s Boy every night is pie night!

I mean what other pub has a standard menu and their very own pie menu????? That’s right The Farmer’s Boy Inn! (if you don’t believe me check it out below!) NEW PIE MENU 2014 2

You have your standard Steak and Chicken choices, but you can also choose from The Famous 2in1 Pie, Steak Pie topped with Pepper Sauce or even Steak Pie topped with Irish Mussels! Each Pie even has it’s own name!

There you go again another example of standing out from the crowd!


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Big Ugly Burger Night

Yes that’s right the last Big Ugly Burger Night for a While this Friday 18th July!

12 Inch Homemade British Beef Burger, Bun, Coleslaw, Chips, Salad, Relish & Onion Rings and 30 minutes to eat EVERYTHING!

Now out of the 200+ that have tried the challenge only 50 have completed it, one person even ate 2!!!!!

Now we say its the last as from August we are doing a different food challenge every month from Big Ugly Faggot to Big Ugly Breakfast!

So we will wait to see who if any complete it this Friday and then watch this space for future challenges!!! n

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