Even More Testimonials

We showed you last week some of our new video testimonials from our customers and we have even more to show you!

Below is one of our video testimonials and you can view them all here!

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New Staff Uniform

Now the Winter nights are coming in we have had a change of staff uniform.

We have gone for smart black shirts, Purple Ties (for the Purple Cow) and New Name Badges.

Here Waitress Beth.D shows off the new uniform


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And i thought i was a bad parker!

Parking it’s the nightmare of all driving (for me anyway!)

The mount of arguments that happen in car parks is unreal, road rage really shows up here!

But this lady in Czech Republic took it to a whole new level!

Read the article here! 

Then breathe a sigh of relief that you are not the worst driver after all!

Bad parking

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