I really ┬ácan’t get my head around the fact that in 2 days time it will be September! Like where has the time gone? I don’t know if it’s because all the hot weather was early and we have been waiting for more ever since or whether it’s just because as you get older time goes faster?

Which ever it may be the start of September marks New Chef Specials, Lots going on and also a New Edition of The Purple Cow! So watch this space!

P.S I would just like to wish all staff who are starting new schools, colleges or Universities The Best of Luck!

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A Fond Farewell (For Now!)

Well it’s time to say a memory filled Goodbye!

Don’t panic we are not losing a member of Team Phil, No Friday 29th August is our last Big Ugly Burger Challenge!

Sad i know but we have been running The Big Ugly Burger Night since October 2013 and have lots of fond & funny memories of victories and lots and lots of losses!

I say it’s goodbye only because starting in September we will be running a different Big Ugly Food Challenge every month starting with The Big Ugly Faggot- There will also be The Big Ugly Breakfast, Ice Cream & Lemon Meringue to name but a few, and there’s no saying that The Big Ugly Burger & Big Ugly Steak won’t feature 1 month too!

So i thought i’d share a few of our Big Ugly Burger Memories!

On our 2nd Big Ugly Burger Night we were all in complete shock when Body Builder sebSebastian came to Phil after 14 minutes saying he’d finished his 1st burger and would like a 2nd which he ate in 30 minutes! Sebastian to this day remains The Big Ugly Burger Champion not only for eating 2 Burgers but for The Quickest Time!






Then there was our First Full Rugby Team to attempt the challenge- The Old Richians IMG_0225from Gloucester! This was only a Chilly & Wet February Night and we were very optimistic and believed that at least half of the team would be able to finish the Burger- How wrong were we! Out of the 15 that tried only 2 people completed the challenge (how shocked were we!)






Then i can’t forget to mention the countless fails, the almosts and the very few that did almost thereactually conquer The Big Ugly Burger! Out of the 250+ that have attempted The Big Ugly Burger only 30 have conquered it! (Let’s see how the other challenges go! )

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Chef Richard has been very busy preparing September’s Chef Specials so We thought we’d give you an exclusive sneak peak of the New Chef Specials which will be available as of Monday!

Moroccan Lamb Tagine………
Tender pieces of lamb cooked in turmeric, ginger & cinnamon, studded with sweet apricots served with a tumble of mixed vegetable & mint couscous.

Watch this SPACE!

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