Gourmet Cheese & Wine Night

Just a quick reminder post that our Gourmet Cheese & Wine Night is this Friday 22nd August (Bank Holiday Weekend!) Main Meal plus a Selection of 6 World Wines, 2 ports & Local Cheese. Only £24.95 per person. Boo

Cheese Night 4

kings Only 01452 831300

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What would we do?

I am in a state of panic, you may think i am over exaggerating but i have had no internet for 2 days and it looks like it may be another 2 days before its back!

You may ask how am i writing this blog? I have become a WIFI thief! I am having to house hop relatives houses to steal their WIFI! This may not seem like a huge problem to most but a lot of our work depends on the internet.

So i ask the question how did we cope before?

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August Weather Update

What a difference a month makes hey!

It was only last month that we were having BBQ’s in our Shorts & tshirts, enjoying the hottest days of the year! That we find ourselves quickly in August & what do we get? Rain, Thunder, Lightning & Flash Flooding!

Phil gives you the latest weather update right here!

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