More new things are on there way!

You may have seen our 1920′s inspired mural outside our Bed & Breakfast rooms and now we are having a new painting done.

I’m not going to give it away what it may be but the Amazing Fred Crellin from Art Imagination is at it again so we all know that we can expect something outstanding!

Watch this space!

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Dreaming of the Sunshine

I do like taking a look through my photo album from time to time and doing a bit of reminiscing.

Whilst doing so i came across this picture of the pub i took in the autumn, now i’m dreaming of the sunshine now!

This is the most up-to-date photo of the pub we have at the moment, with the new flowerpots on the walls, flags taken down and carts in-front of the pub.

Look at this picture and dream of the sunshine!

Resized-3EMW2Dreaming of the Sunshine

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As you may know we are famous for our pies at The Farmer’s Boy, but what you might not know that apart from selling them in our shop we also sell them online at

So if you’ve tried them and loved or never tried them, here is your chance!

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