One Man and His Dog

I am sure many of you have or do experience this! The love between a dog and it’s owner! Well this dog took it to a whole new level! Just imagine a St Bernard lay on top of you giving you a big bear hug! Well that is just what happened here!


Now that’s true Love!

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Only 1 Week to go!

Yes thats right the excitement is building here at The Farmer’s Boy Inn! And what for you may ask……… Well of course The New and Exclusive Big Ugly Faggot Night!

Now it’s for everyone i understand, but for those who looooooove Faggots and i know theres a lot of you out there this is the food challenge for you!

Where else would you find a dish that consists of 1.5lbs of Homemade British Faggots, Creamy Mash Potato, Garden Peas & Onion Gravy???? and then there is thre daring task to eat everything in 20 minutes????

Can this be done? For the Hardcore Faggot Lovers i’m sure this will be a piece of cake (or in this situation a piece of faggot!)

Friday 26th September- The Big Ugly Faggot!

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Amazing Adverts

It’s all too often that i am saying stuff about whats in the news (usually negative!) so today i thought i’d make this blog a bit jokey! Show you something that makes me chuckle!

Now this is 1 of a set of TV Adverts made about this one subject and you can see below what i’m talking about!

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