Egyptian Beer

Who would have thought it, Egyptians brewed their beer in kegs too!

A recent dig in Israel found fragments of ceramic basins which were used to make fruity beer.

Egyptian Beer Brewing

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Is that Guinness Ice Cream you sell?

New in at The Farmer’s Boy Inn Guinness flavoured ice Cream.

The Purple Cow syndrome has hit again and we have gone all out and got some Guinness Ice Cream available to sell in The Shop & in The Restaurant. I’ve been the Guinea Pig and i absolutely love it!

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That was one busy weekend!

It’s safe to say we have had one busy weekend at The Farmer’s Boy.

A week ago Saturday we held our first Birthday Party in The Kiernan Suite then this weekend we held our first Wedding closely followed by our first Business Conference both being held in The Kiernan Suite.

Scott has worked so hard planning these events and ensuring everything runs smoothly and the customers have had a great time!

So if you are looking for somewhere to hold your event, you know where we are!

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