What’s going on Here??

It was only 6 months ago that we last changed the set up of the Beer Garden by adding a Conservatory and Gravel Area and now we are changing it again!

You may ask why more change? Well at this present time we have leveled out the garden although there is currently 2 heights and the entrance to the garden has never been changed.

So we are lowering part of the garden to make it all level, then Phil has bought some new slabs to lead into the garden with gravel surrounding them and then a ramp so people with limited mobility can easily access all areas of the garden!

So……. Watch this Space!

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Run Rabbit Run Rabbit

Just a quick heads up on the new Chef’s Specials for August that Chef Richard has been working on……….. I hear through the grapevine that we have some pigeon going on the menu, as well as Beef Wellington and also Rabbit Pie!!!!!!!!


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Walking in the Countryside

I’m just going to tell you a little about my day today………..

With gorgeous weather like it has been the past week energy levels usually drop slightly throughout the day, so by late afternoon all you usually want to do is have a little siesta! Well today i decided to buck the trend and go for a little countryside walk!

The benefits of living in the country are endless and that includes country walks! The variety of plants you spot as well as little creatures you see really do make you appreciate living where you do. Whether the suns beating down on you or not you should make a rule to go for a walk once a week, the memories you will get are endless!


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