Cask Marque Accreditied

This happened a few weeks ago now and i think we have been so busy with Christmas that i forgot to tell you…… We have been CASK MARQUE ACCREDITED!

That’s right our Cask Marque Accreditation was carried out about 3 weeks ago now and we passed with flying colours for our 2 Real Ales- Abbotts Ale & IPA-

You can see for yourself here! 

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What do you look for in a Bed & Breakfast Room?

There are many features to hotels & Bed and Breakfasts but what makes you decide on that one place?

Is it what type of bed it is? What you get for breakfast? or Its’s Location? For me it’s a mix of all of these things i like to be in the ideal location, with the nicest bed and the biggest variety of Breakfast but would you believe came out on top of a recent survey……….. Free WIFI!

Now i know that these days everything relies on WIFI and if you are working then its something that is essential to you but if you are on a couples break would it be a disaster if you had no WIFI?

Anyways i will let you make that choice for yourself! Here is the article for you to take a look at too! 

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This is just a quick note that Monday 15th December is the last order date for MadAboutPies before Christmas, so if you want your pies ready for the Christmas period then now is your time to order them!

MadAboutPiies will re-open for orders on Monday 5th January for those who aren’t doing a New Year Detox and need that special pie to warm you up on those winter nights!

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